Retailers, Are You Ready for Black Friday?

There are a few simple things you can do to help create and better, more successful shopping experience for your customers.  Even though the majority of retailers do a good job with their Black Friday plan, there is always room for improvement, and the added craziness of the day is certainly something that needs to be planned for ahead of time in order to prevent any potential accidents or injuries. The rewards will be tremendous, as the day will be easier for both you and the customers.

Reward Your First Shoppers

It will be cold out, so consider allowing the first shoppers to form a line somewhere inside of the store. Block off a section beforehand where people can wait more comfortably. This can strengthen your relationship with your customers. People notice things like this and will reward you by coming back to shop again and possibly refer friends. You also don’t want to run the risk of customers developing health problems as a result of their wait outside and holding you liable.

Consider offering coffee and snacks, and incentivize coming to your store first with prizes, raffles or even better discounts to the first 50 or 100 customers.

Organize Everything

There is nothing worse than an unorganized store during any sale, especially on Black Friday. Customers normally know what they want and want to find them quickly.  Having sale items in hard to find places and in a unorganized fashion will create chaos, makes people more aggressive, and clogs up the store as shoppers will spend more time trying to find their items as opposed to grabbing them, paying quickly, and leaving. In addition, a well-organized store will be more likely to get customers in and out quickly and prevent any large mob scenes, which often lead to accidents.

Have all doorbusters on one day only, scheduling the time mindfully without overlapping with competitors.  Running doorbusters until supplies are sold out is a good strategy. If you must have doorbusters on multiple days, clearly state the exact items, quantity, and times that these particular items will be available.

Train Your Employees

Employees must be properly trained for day-to-day tasks as well as for the special circumstances that occur on Black Friday.  They should be fully aware of everything involving your sale. All information that may pertain to your deals should all be included in the training.

Each employee should be trained on the register and have their own set of keys for items stored behind glass.  The “usual guy” for those tasks may be swamped and unable to help.

Having plenty of staff will pay off. People will find items faster, waiting times will be dramatically reduced, and they will be much happier with their shopping experience. Will your current staff be sufficient for Black Friday? Make sure you’ve considered whether you need to add on extra hands.

Prioritize Safety

Black Friday has been known to cause problems such as fighting, stealing, and even stampeding.  Here are tips to help prevent incidents:

  • Law enforcement: Contact the police department to see if they can send an officer or two to your store. This makes people think twice before acting out. Even driving laps through your parking lot can make a huge difference.
  • Security cameras: Security cameras have a tremendous ability to prevent possible situations.  If people see these cameras, they will be much less likely to do something that is going to be on film.
  • Security employees: Set aside employees to “keep the peace.” Station some of them outside and others near popular doorbuster items

Whatever you have planned for the holiday, make sure your business has a fully-updated Retail Insurance plan. Black Friday has a greater potential for accidents, injuries, and property damage than other days, and it’s important that you are certain that your insurance will keep you fully covered. Good luck, and happy holidays from The Rubin Group!

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