Restaurant & Retail News: Why Engaged Employees Drive Satisfaction

All employees want the same thing: They want to be cared about. As the each stem branches down, customers notice how employees treat them. This ripple effect becomes a ‘if you don’t care about me as an employee, I don’t care about you, I certainly don’t care about your customer’ mentality. They want recognition, and they want to know what they do matters.

To have a joyful, engaged workforce, it will have to come from the top first. This will help facilitate happy, engaging relationships with guests. The No. 1 reason customers don’t come back to a restaurant, as cited by 68% of respondents in a recent poll, is because employees don’t care. At a distant second is price (14%), followed by product quality (9%).

That idea of “caring” is especially important. Bad reviews on websites such as Yelp shouldn’t be your first concern because it may be something internally you have to work on. Yet it is still extremely important to reach out to disgruntled customers. Many companies see online reviews as a problem rather than an opportunity. Image a focus group of customers who actually want to tell you what you can improve on.

Engaging employees
The most engaged employees are those who understand how their roles and responsibilities relate to a the overall goal of the service/product.

Here are three important principles that are crucial when fostering an engaged workforce.

1. Brand promise
It all starts with the organization’s brand promise. For example, the grocery-store chain Whole Foods Market’s brand promise is to improve the health of people, both physically and emotionally. If you have ever been to whole foods, you can see that it stems from that core philosophy

2. Motivation insights
What motivates your employees? Ask them.

In a recent study, 78% of employees said praise or recognition for a job well done is important or extremely important when it comes to fostering engagement.

Every type of employee is different and may see different value in praise. For instance, some employees—the “career builders”—want development opportunities. “Praise cravers,” on the other hand, want to be publically recognized.

3. Recognition practices
Another poll found employee engagement doubles when recognition practices are in place. There seems to be a correlation between the high levels of customer satisfaction and the occurrence of employee recognition.

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