Restaurant Insurance: How the Soda Ban Affects NYC Restaurants

Restaurant Insurance How the Soda Ban Affects NYC RestaurantsRestaurant Insurance: How the Soda Ban Affects NYC Restaurants

We wrote in a blog post previously about New York City’s ban on sugary drinks. In the first law of its kind, Mayor Bloomberg has imposed a limit on large size of sugary-drinks. The ban will take effect Tuesday. So how has it affected the restaurant industry? And how will it affect consumers?

According to the Huffington Post, restaurants are adopting several different tactics. Some are ordering smaller glasses. Others are making customers sweeten and flavor their own coffee to dodge the rules. Coca-Cola printed posters explaining the new rules. And some businesses are holding off altogether hoping that a court challenge will delay or eliminate the restriction.

The ban doesn’t apply to alcoholic beverages. However, opponents of the law argue that it overreaches bounds, a step down a slippery slope to a “nanny state.” Others lament the increased plastic waste- instead of ordering a pitcher of soda for a large group of people for example, customers will now have to order separate glasses for everyone, an increase in cost and plastic. Other critics argue the regulation won’t even make that much of a difference in diets and will only hurt businesses.

New Yorkers are divided on the band. Fifty-one percent opposed it and 46 percent approve. Many restaurants remain divided as well. The goal of the program is to cut down on sharply increasing obesity levels. The nation’s increasing rate of obesity is thought to be related in part to the overabundance of extremely large, sugary sodas and drinks, many of which are quadruple the size they were a few decades ago.

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