Pinterest & Nonprofits: How to Capitalize on a Burgeoning Audience

Pinterest & Nonprofits: How to Capitalize on a Burgeoning AudiencePinterest has been all over the news lately. It’s the newest wave of social media. It’s growth is breaking records on the web and has cracked the list of the top 30 websites in the U.S.. News articles everywhere are boldly stating that Pinterest should be a part of your marketing agenda. But back up. What is it exactly? And how can nonprofits incorporate it into their social media platform?

Pinterest is an image-based social media site. Essentially, it’s an online mood or inspiration board. A user can find a recipe, blog, idea, article, etc, and “pin” the image to an online “board”. You can organize and categorize your boards in any way you like. Top boards include collections such as fashion or style, favorite books, recipes, ideas for the home, sports teams, cool products, funny quotes, and so on. Users can “repin” items from other boards onto their own, and every “pin” links back to the original site it was found on. The result is a vast network of ideas, images, collections, and virtually any image and story you can find web.

Users have responded fanatically to the online “scrapbooking” approach. The New York Times reported that according to Nielsen data, Pinterest had 16.1 million visitors in January in the U.S., doubling its visitors the site had in November. Nell Edgington the President of Social Velocity, and management consulting firm for nonprofits, details on “Why Pinterest is Great for Nonprofits.”

Nonprofits are naturally image-based. The work that nonprofits do thrives on compelling images; whether its school reform, world hunger, poverty, or humanitarian issues, the visual appeal of nonprofit issues makes Pinterest an ideal platform. Pin images linked to compelling stories that relate to your mission.

Nonprofits connect easily to passion. People support nonprofits because they believe wholeheartedly in what the organization stands for. Pinterest is an online platform designed to express people’s interests and passions. It’s a natural fit.

Female donors are a large and growing force. Women are becoming an increasingly more influential philanthropic force. Since Pinterest users are almost 70% women, capitalizing and engaging with this demographic has erupted female niche brands into altering their digital marketing strategy.

So can you utilize if for your nonprofit? Create and organize your boards according to the goals and focus on the good your nonprofit brings? Make a board detailing your cause. Do one with visual images linked to compelling statistics. Record your organizations events through an Events Board. Create a “Futures” board where you list your company’s goals in the future. Do one for success stories. The options are endless.

The Rubin Group has always been very involved in working with non-profit organizations in and around New York and other states, and we have developed an extensive portfolio of non-profit clients. This is a special part of our practice, where we have the opportunity share our passion for community service and helping others with our skills in providing insurance programs tailored to non-profits. Contact us today for more information.