Specialized Insurance for Coastal Properties

Living on or near the water is a dream come true for those fortunate to do so – from Massachusetts to New York, North Carolina and Florida, to Louisiana, Texas and beyond. It also comes with greater risk as Mother Nature has shown us over the years. Just think about Harvey in Houston, Super Storm Sandy and Hurricanes Ike, Katrina, Rita and Wilma just to name a few. Insuring coastal properties as a result can be difficult and takes an experienced insurance professional with the expertise to know how an insurance plan should be structured coupled with access to strong markets committed to providing coverage.


The Rubin Group has the depth and breath of experience you need for your coastal property to provide you with Excess Flood, Wind and Hail insurance. We understand the catastrophe market place and the options and most cost-effective programs available. Whether your primary home or vacation property is along the coast, we will work our companies to provide you with a comprehensive insurance program designed to meet your needs.