NYC Property Insurance: Monitoring Foundation Damage

NYC Property Insurance: Monitoring Foundation Damage NYC Property Insurance Monitoring Foundation Damage

Building foundations serve an important function to the stability and safety of any structure, and when damage or other complications arise with a property’s foundation the situation can become costly and complicated rather quickly. Foundation complications are common problems in much of the New York and the Northeast which are frequently bombarded with heavy snow, rains and moisture in the winter. Foundation problems occur when there is either too much water, causing the soil to swell, or not enough, causing the soil to shrink. When all of the soil beneath a foundation is not uniformly saturated or dry there are there will likely be differential movement between the soil which commonly results in foundation cracks and other damage.

This damage can be costly to repair on its own, and often comes with even more complications. The best defense against escalating obstacles and damages is to scan your property for potential signs of foundation damage and address these issues as soon as they appear. Here are a few common indicators of foundation damage:

  • Cracks, crumbing and other damage to the foundation itself are an obvious sign that something is wrong. Foundations are built to last and should not show signs of damage through old age or regular wear and tear of the house, thus is damage is present there is most likely an underlying soil or ground complication afoot.  Check inside the structure as well as along all exterior surfaces for gapping, cracking, sagging, buckling, crumbling and pooling moisture.
  • Poorly fitting doors and windows can also indicate that the foundation has shifted of is deteriorating
  • Improper water drainage or settling is also a telling indication that foundation failure has already taken place in addition to being a cause of failure. Cracks in the foundation can redirect water runoff and drainage which can result in excessive moisture buildup in and around the property.
  • Sagging floors and warped ceilings are another sign of foundation damage or failure. These symptoms are often visible through gapping where interior walls are supposed to meet with the floor and ceiling.
  •  Cracking walls and joints will also reveal foundation or water damage. Be sure to check all corners, pillars, joints, molding and other trim for gaps or cracking along seams which shouldn’t show signs of gaping or deterioration.

As a New York City property owner, understanding the signs and symptoms of foundation failure can help you prevent minor complications from becoming loss exposures. At the Rubin Group, we are experts in heling NYC property owners protect themselves from risks and losses. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our NYC property insurance specialists can help assess and address your needs and help prevent financial complications and losses by securing the right insurance coverage for your needs. To learn more about all of our NYC property insurance coverage options, give our experts a call today at (877) 806-7239.