NY Auto Insurance: Dangers of Street Racing

NY Auto Insurance: Dangers of Street Racing NY Auto Insurance Dangers of Street Racing

Street racing has become an increasingly popular activity in New York and across the country, presenting a huge public safety concern. Despite mounting regulations and hefty fines, thrill-seeking drivers across the nation continue to test the limits of their driving abilities and vehicle’s capabilities in illegal speed contests on public roadways. Officials across the nation continue to pursue regulations and increase public awareness of the dangers associated with street racing. However the deterrents are often not strong enough to dissuade adventurous drivers from taking their need for speed to the streets.

One of the largest concerns with street racing is the potential for public endangerment and harm.  These challenges often end in severely damaging crashes and even fatalities for participants and unsuspecting bystanders. Thousands of fatalities a year occur as a result of reckless driving and use of excessive speed while operating a motor vehicle. Illegal racing activities also often result in excessive property damage to public and private property. Just last month Westchester County police concluded damage inflicted upon the Ashford Avenue Bridge was the result of a drag racing accident which resulted in the destruction of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and death of its driver. The bridge was closed and is now under investigation for possible structural impairment.

While the thrill of speed can be alluring, street racing is incredibly risky for the drivers and vehicle owners. Along with the high risk of death and bodily injury, survivors of a street racing accident could be exposed to a number of additional complications, from legal penalties to insurance exclusion.  Auto insurance companies and state laws treat racing, speed contests/competitions or exhibitions of speed as major vehicle operation violations. In NY, an illegal street racing conviction can lead to jail time of up to 30 days and fines between $300 and $525 for the first offence. A second convicted within 12 months of the first offense leaves motorists exposed to a sentence of up to 6 months of jail time and fine ranging from $525 and $750. In NY, street racing is a separate violation from speeding, and does not directly result in the drivers incurring points on their driving record. While racing tickets in NY don’t carry any insurance points, any accompanying speeding tickets will. This can leave drivers exposed to possible suspension/revocation of their license, steep fines and an increased rate in auto insurance. In many cases, a motorist’s NY auto insurance policy will also exclude coverage for any injuries or property damage that is linked to illegal racing. Some NY auto insurance policies have exclusions across nearly all of the coverage options which exclude losses that are the result from intentional risk-taking activities such as racing.

The risks of street racing don’t outweigh the rewards. Safe driving can not only save you money it can save your life. At The Rubin Group, we encourage drivers to always put their safety first, because sometimes other drivers don’t. Our New York Auto Insurance is designed to protect safe drivers from the risks they encounter on the road, from weather to reckless motorists. We proudly offer comprehensive personal and commercial auto insurance solutions for New York vehicle owners who seek the best coverage to protect their assets from all the unexpected hazards on the road. Give us a call today at (877) 806-7239, to learn more about how we can help protect your vehicles.