Nonprofits: Reap Benefits From Your Big Event Year Round

Nonprofits: Reap Benefits From Your Big Event Year RoundYou’ve worked for months planning and promoting your organization’s event. Then, suddenly, it’s over. Now what? Whether you hosted a gala, intimate reception or large community event, these events are great chances to increase awareness of your cause and initiate relationships that you can cultivate and strengthen for the rest of the year.

So how do you translate those face-to-face interactions during your event into strong support for your nonprofit? Nonprofit Fundraising Success details ways to sustain fundraising momentum beyond a single night or event.

Utilize multiple platforms to create excitement in advance. Promote your event using multiple platforms. Send out email marketing campaigns- go beyond event only communication to provide information interesting and relevant to your audience. Create a Facebook page for the event, and routinely update it with information. Choose a Twitter hashtag and chronicle all developments leading up to it to garner excitement.

Personalization. Be sure to keep your email contacts organized based on information collected during your event registration. You can use it to segment your email list and target particular groups.

Connect. Initiate conversations on Facebook through a poll, survey, or open ended question. Be sure to contribute periodically and always follow-up on any responses or engagement you get. Connect individuals with common interests from your event or make introductions to those who were unable to attend to help establish stronger ties within your organization and community.

The ultimate goal is to constantly engage and communicate with your guests before, during, and after your events. The brief meetings allowed during an event aren’t enough; those interactions must be nurtured long term to develop strong ties for your organization. By establishing these connections and maintaining them year round, you create a community of vocal advocates for your organization that stem far beyond the single night of your event.

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