New York Retail: The New Storefront is on Facebook

New York Retail: The New Storefront is on Facebook

E-commerce is a huge online opportunity. You’d be hard pressed to find a New York retailer that didn’t have an e-commerce site or at least a functional website for their business. This post is brought to you by Rubin Group New York retail insurance programs

One new type of E-commerce is F-commerce, a term coined to describe the growing number of businesses that sell through a Facebook page. It’s a relatively simple process. You create a business Facebook page, load photos of the product and add shopping functions. Social commerce platforms such as Payvment allow users to create storefronts to integrate online shopping into Facebook.

F-commerce is emerging as a commerce niche suited to small businesses. Large scale retailers such as Gap, Nordstrom, J.C. Penney and GameStop have shut down Facebook stores in the last twelve months- customers are used to the richer experiences on their retailing websites, and there is no need for the Facebook storefront. For retailers who don’t have the large budgets to lavish on websites, F-commerce has emerged as a viable new opportunity.

There are still several challenges. Customers don’t always feel secure buying directly from a Facebook storefront. And business owners do not own their Facebook pages- Facebook can change the appearance and rules whenever it wants.

Facebook storefronts offer different marketing opportunities and allow retailers to develop more interactive relationships with customers. When posting, use your personality. If you’re a busy mom, or want to appeal to a certain demographic, make sure that comes across in your profile. The personality, quirks, and appeal of your company should be apparent immediately.

Post quality content and post often. Colorful photos of products, staff, and events give customers a glimpse of your company. Engage in the community- always respond to customer comments, whether positive or negative. Answer all questions and thank them for any feedback. The more involved you are in your storefront, the more positive attention you will garner from customers.

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Source: New York Times