New York Insurance: Social Media Marketing Tips for Bars

New York Insurance: Social Media Marketing Tips for BarsNew York Insurance: Social Media Marketing Tips for Bars

New York Bars in particular have a unique opportunity to connect with their customers via social media. Customers love their local watering holes- bars have the ability to engage and connect with their customers through social media in ways that other industries can’t, just based on interest alone. So make the most of it. Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Foursquare; you want to use them all.

Best way to promote bars & taverns.

Cross-promote your events through all your social media platforms. Make sure you get added to any local event websites- many will let you post for free. And stay consistent- the more regularly you post, the more return you will see on your efforts.

Reward your loyal customers. The value of peer recommendations is marketing gold for the bar industry. The more friends someone brings to your bar, the more publicity and growth your establishment will see. Reward your loyal customers for their support. FourSquare dubs people “the mayor” of an establishment if they’ve checked-in more than anyone else. Offer a free drink or appetizer to the “mayor” of an establishment. It rewards the customer, engages them in a social media, and will encourage them to continue promoting your business online.

Post photos. Post photos of your events and establishment regularly. Encourage guests to tag themselves in the photos. The more people you tag in photos on Facebook the more your photos end up in the newsfeeds of others- it allows you to reach a far broader audience.

Interact. Always respond to customers. Thank them for coming to an event. Respond to all comments and posts, even if they are negative. Answer any questions they have in a timely manner. The more prompt and involved you are in your social media sites, the more customers will interact.

Why it matters. You want to attract more customers and keep them coming back. Customers are inundated with advertisements every day. Crowdsourcing and social media sites have given credibility to a new source- the customer. Peer-to-peer recommendations carry even greater weight than traditional advertising in some arenas. This is where social media comes in.

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