New York Exotic Car Insurance: Protect Your Exotic Car Collection

New York Exotic Car Insurance: Protect Your Exotic Car CollectionNew York Exotic Car Insurance: Protect Your Exotic Car Collection

Whether you invest in one exotic car or ten, it’s important to ensure its protection. It’s a big investment and consequently, a big responsibility. Rubin Group of New York encourages all specialty car owners to take extra time, money and care in protecting their collection.

Always ensure your car is parked in a secured, covered area. New York can get unpleasantly cold in the winter, so it’s encouraged that your car(s) is stored in an indoor parking garage that has some sort of security system.

Properly maintain your car(s) on a regular basis. This is evident for any car, but when you’ve invested hundreds of thousands into a car collection, it’s especially pertinent that you maintain its pristine quality.

It’s clear for most that when you invest in an exotic, classic, or antique car; you purchase insurance to protect it from unforeseeable incidents. While it’s good to insure it, it’s better to insure it with a policy specifically tailored to these types of cars. According to LA Times, approximately half of exotic, classic, or antique car owners put these vehicles on a standard auto insurance policy. Furthermore, a standard auto insurance policy presumes that a car’s value will decrease over time, whereas an exotic, class, and antique car is more likely to appreciate. For instance, your Bentley Continental GT Speed is involved in a minor fender bender; a traditional policy will offer a depreciated value. That being said, a key difference between standard and specialty auto insurance is how the value is calculated. Exotic, classic and antique cars are covered with an agreed value. The insurance company and you will generate a consensual value that will be paid at the time of a loss. It’s a guaranteed value that will never be depreciated.

At The Rubin Group, we specialize in insuring exotic & classic car collection, the types of cars that enthusiasts like participants brag about; because we understand the car enthusiast’s passion they have for their cars. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or other Supercar, The Rubin Group can help you select the best insurance coverage for your exotic or luxury auto, at the best possible rate with the proper coverage that you need. Not all insurance is the same so make sure you have the right coverage before a claim occurs. We are automobile enthusiasts just like you and know how you feel about your car. As a Sponsor of we want you to know that not all insurance is the same. There are important coverages that you must have in order to make sure you are adequately insured in the event of an accident or claim. Contact Us Today at 877.806.7239