New York City Renters Insurance: Apartment Safety Tips

New York City Renters Insurance: Apartment Safety Tips New York City Renters Insurance Apartment Safety Tips

New York City residents are accustom to apartment living. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), New York City is home to over a million apartments which make up roughly fifty percent of all residential housing options. Residents are increasingly aware of the challenge of apartment living from rent fluctuation to health and safety concerns. The New York Police Department (NYPD) responds to hundreds of burglaries and home intrusions a week where thieves make off with pricey personal property and disrupt the lives of thousands of residents. While homeowners generally assume responsibility for the safety of their domicile, renters often assume that their landlords or building managers have taken the proper security precautions. This may not always be the case. It is always important for tenants are aware of the risk exposures, hazards and residential safety precautions in order to better protect themselves and their property.

According to the NYPD, the most common security concerns revolve around known and unknown points of entry. Windows, doors, crawlspaces, vents and other infrastructure presents key access points for intruders to easily enter if not properly safeguarded. Some of the NYPD’s top tips for apartment safety include:

  • Door Protection: Officials claim that all external doors should be made of solid core wood with a thickness of one and three-quarters inches or metal, secured by either a dead bolt lock or heavy duty drop bolt lock. Additional locks should be 12-18 inches from knob, placed either above or below as convenient to the resident. Pick resistant cylinders are recommended to decrease the likelihood of a successful infiltration of the locking mechanisms. Furthermore, clean, wide-angle peep holes with a vision range of at least 180 degrees can provide unobstructed views of hallways for intrusion prevention.
  • Windows: All widows within 18 feet of ground, a building projection or fire escape should be secured by a screen, gate or other recommended precaution. Pinning windows to restrict opening capacity allows partial use of the window, but could cause damage to frames and insulation. It is important to contact the manufacturer for a better understanding of what the best safety strategy is to protect your windows from intruders.  Window mounted Air-Conditioning units can be pushed in or pulled out to create an entry-way into a room, so it important to secure units to the sleeve in order to prevent and restrict unwanted mobility.
  • Basement and Rooftop access points: Basements in particular are a favorite access point for burglars, thieves and other intruders. All doors leading o residential access points should be closed and properly secured, if the locking mechanisms are broken or damaged repot the circumstances to building maintenance facilitators.

Taking the proper safety precautions can help minimize your chances of being a victim of residential crime, however the thereat remains constant. Obtaining complete New York City Renters Insurance is vital to protecting your personal property and assets.  At the Rubin Group we are experts in assessing the full scope of our clients’ needs, and can ensure that you obtain the proper coverage to secure all your property. We offer a full range of residential insurance plans including New York Renters Insurance, Condo insurance, Homeowners insurance and vacation property coverage. We can put together a comprehensive coverage policy that is customized to fit your specific needs so give us a call today at (877) 806-7239 to get started.