New York Business Insurance: Janitorial Safety Tips

New York Business Insurance Janitorial Safety TipsNew York Business Insurance: Janitorial Safety Tips

As the owner of a janitorial service or building maintenance company, you understand the various physical and chemical hazards that your employees are subjected to. Physical hazards can include misuse of heavy equipment for cleaning, constantly lifting things, bending often, etc., while chemical hazards are due to the use of strong chemicals for cleaning purposes. While accidents do happen, here are some tips for you and your employees to potentially reduce their exposure to hazards and accidents.

  • If a janitor is using a company vehicle to get to work, then it is the responsibility of that company to ensure that the vehicle is safe for driving. A vehicle safety rule book should be handed over to the drivers to go through before using the company vehicle.
  • Janitorial workers very often are responsible for lifting heavy equipment. Proper lifting techniques must be used to avoid back injuries and muscle sprains. Workers should practice bending the knees while lifting them from the floor, and avoid twisting and turning their backs.
  • Avoid slip and fall accidents by providing and using appropriate “wet floor” signage, and requiring that employees wear shoes that have rubber soles for proper grip on the floor.
  • It’s essential that employees look through instructions before using the strong chemicals that are used for cleaning. Concentrated liquids should be diluted carefully and in a proper ratio, and enough ventilation must be present to avoid inhalation of harmful fumes.
  • Garbage bags should only be handled using gloves, and kept away from the body. This is especially important if the employee is cleaning at a medical facility or any time of laboratory, since some discarded items could be hazardous.

These are just a few of the safety tips that your janitorial employees should follow. At The Rubin Group, we understand that the Janitorial & Building Maintenance industry is filled with potential pitfalls. We work with janitorial services across the U.S. to provide comprehensive workplace insurance plans, including Workers Compensation should your employees become injured. Please contact us for more information at (877) 806-7239.