New York Business Insurance: Declining Eye Contact

New York Business Insurance Declining Eye ContactNew York Business Insurance: Declining Eye Contact

You’re at a business meeting and suddenly their eyes drop. They aren’t avoiding you, they’re just checking their smartphones. It’s had an effect on our daily interactions- and according to the Wall Street Journal, the decline of eye contact is a growing problem.

Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, games, there are a million and one distractions on smartphones today that take our attention away from our present physical surroundings and into the virtual world. For the data crunchers among us, as of January 2013, there were 775,000 apps in the iPhone Store. That’s over half a million distractions in one tiny little device.

One survey found that adults make eye contact between 30-60% of the time in an average conversation. However, to create a sense of connection in a conversation, people should be making eye contact 60% of the time.

One barrier is multitasking. It is now almost culturally acceptable to answer the phone at dinner or send a quick text. In fact, smartphones have become permanent table accessories right next to the fork.

Those who don’t make eye contact may be missing out- nonverbal communication plays a key role in workplace communication. Eye contact is a great tool for influencing, listening and engaging with others. Looking at a coworker when speaking conveys respect and confidence. Prolonged eye contact during a debate shows you’re standing your ground. It also can affect your perceived status- people who are high-status tend to look longer at people they’re talking to, compared with others.

Withholding eye contact can have adverse effects. It can display carelessness or disrespect. The other person feels as if they are not important and it can lead to resentment.

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