New York Boat Insurance: Boating Safety Tips

New-York-Boat-Insurance-Boating-Safety-TipsNew York Boat Insurance: Boating Safety Tips

Boating is a great recreational pastime. But it also comes with significant dangers if the proper steps aren’t taken. Below are some boating safety tips to keep you and your family safe. Besides precautionary measures, let Rubin Group cover the rest with New York Boat Insurance.

Use the gear. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, about 80% of boating fatalities could have been prevented if the victims had been wearing life jackets. You can check the state fishing, boating or environmental agency where you live or boat to determine that state’s age and flotation device requirements.

Float plan. A good float plan includes information about your vessel, who’s on board and where and when you will be on the water. In the event of an accident or emergency, help will arrive sooner if somebody knows where you are on the water and when you’re expected to return.

Weather. Weather can change quickly on the water and is a leading reason boaters get in trouble. Always check it before heading out, and keep tabs on any changing conditions on the radio.

Fueling. Be careful when fueling up your vessel to prevent fires and explosions from gas vapor buildup in bilges on inboard motors. Before starting an engine, always ventilate the engine compartment and other areas to ensure there are no remaining gas vapors.

Know how to navigate your vehicle.  Always remember the laws when navigating a channel. Larger ships should keep an eye out for kayakers and smaller vessels, and smallers vessels should stick to the side so as not to impede the course of larger ships.

Stay focused. Drinking a cold beer may seem great, but boating under the influence can be even more deadly on the water than driving under the influence on the road. The operator of the boat should never drink, and passengers should be mindful as well.

Nothing beats a clear, sunny day on the Lake, with your own boat surrounded by your family and best friends. At the same time, nothing brings a cloud to your day faster than an unforeseen accident. Events like that can give rise to high medical expenses, boat repairs, even litigation. Based in New York, The Rubin Group has you covered everywhere from Hammonds Cove Marina, Point Yacht Club, Sheepshead Bay Piers, Diamond Point Yacht Club, Hudson River Yacht Club, Midget Squadron Yacht Club, Paerdegat Squadron Yacht Club, 79th Street Boat Basin, Dyckman Marina, World’s Fair Marina, Bayside Marina, Flushing Meadows Corona Park to Great Kills Harbor.

Our New York boat insurance plans will protect you against all kinds of unexpected loss and damage. Accidents are bad enough all by themselves; the right insurance package will keep your losses to a minimum.