New York Bar Insurance: “Go Green” Mixology

New York Bar Insurance: “Go Green” Mixology

When the global climate started to drastically change, America began to place recycling bins on every corner, more houses installed solar energy panels, and the auto sales of hybrid cars rose. The United States’ green initiative sought to create a culture of conservation and to educate both children and adults in being environmentally conscious. The impact of “going green” has forced a change in many industrial sectors and bartending is not an exception. Since then, bartenders have made significant efforts in reducing their carbon footprint and are becoming more environmentally conscious on what and how they concoct their cocktails. There is a substantial increase in the supply of organic and eco-friendly liquor, as well as recyclable materials. In 2007, one of America’s oldest distilling companies, McCormick Distilling Company assembled its “Green Group.’ This group’s intentions lay in refining environmental performance, increasing operating productivities and energy savings. Now there are several ways to practice environmentally responsible behaviors and protect the environment when bartending.

Adding “Green” Spirits to your bar and creating cocktails that uses more of the following eco-friendly liquor.

  • Vodka:
    1) 360- Eco-friendly
    2) Charbay- Organic Meyer Lemon, Pomegranate and Blood Orange
    3) Orange V- 100% organic neutral grain spirit
    4) Prairie – Certified organic corn
    5) Reyka- Geothermal production facility (Appletini, Gibson or Black Russian­)
    6) Square One Organic- Certified organic
    7) Tru- Certified organic
  • Whiskey:
    1) Maker’s Mark- (Manhattan)
  • Rum:
    1) Papaguyo- (daiquiris, or a simple rum and coke)
  • Gin:
    1) Juniper Green- Organic grain and organic botanical herbs
    2) Tru- Certified Organic
  • Tequila:
    1) 4Copa- 100% organic blue agave

Replace your barware and rethink the way you purchase and make mixers and garnishes.

  • Avoid using plastic as it is not reusable and choose bamboo over wood.
  • Bamboo is a great alternative for barware such as, cutting boards, olive picks, and coasters.
  • Replace the use of paper with reusable alternatives (cotton and linen) for cocktail napkins and bar towels.
  • Stainless steel is great for straws and swizzle sticks.
  • Go to a farmers’ market or a natural foods store when purchasing ingredients.
  • Choose locally grown fruits and herbs for garnishes or you may grow your own in a pesticide and growth hormone free garden.

Be aware of how you make and use your ice. Although ice creates a negative impact on the environment it is a vital ingredient in cocktails. However there are more energy efficient and eco-friendly ways to make and use ice.

  • Unplug your refrigerator’s ice maker.
  • Switch to large ice trays and attempt to find non-plastic trays.
  • Stock up on ice by storing finished cubes in an ice bucket.

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