New York Auto Insurance: Parking Lot Safety During the Holidays

New York Auto Insurance Parking Lot Safety During the HolidaysNew York Auto Insurance: Parking Lot Safety During the Holidays

Harsh snow blizzards, eager holiday shoppers—it’s that time of year again! Driving in New York is already overwhelming; now incorporate the aforementioned and you’ve got more than one reason to drive cautiously and safely. In our previous blog, we outlined top safety tips when driving in New York City, but what about driving and maneuvering your way through the parking lot?

Parking lot car collisions are mistakenly underestimated, but it does happen. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 20 percent of all auto insurance claims are caused by damaged incurred by parking lot collisions.

Driving through a parking lot engrossed in holiday mayhem can be a disaster. So, before you start driving over to the nearest New York shopping plaza, review our tips on parking lot safety.

Park away from other  vehicles– The outsider perimeter of parking lots often have more open spaces, less traffic and a lower risk of collisions.

Slow down– Reduce your speed and stay in your lane when turning the corner.

See and be seen– Do not rely on mirrors and constantly scan and check your surroundings. Avoid parking between two large vehicles and if possible, park with your front end facing out.

Be courteous– Holiday deals and long shopping list consume many during this time of year. But it’s important to be courteous of others; do not swoop and steal parking spots in front of patiently waiting cars.

Be cautious and alert– Although pedestrians should use walkways and crosswalk, that is not always the case. With that said, always be on the lookout for pedestrians (especially distracted passers-by and young children).

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