New York Auto Insurance: New Cashless Parking Meters

New York Auto Insurance: New Cashless Parking MetersParking in the city is a nightmare. You spend time navigating traffic hoards to find a spot only to be left scrambling for loose change in the back seat to pay the meter. A few hours later, you have to return to your car to refill it.

Enter the smartphone era. According to Mashable, private companies are partnering with cities all over the world to solve the headache of public parking.

The concept of mobile parking is simple. Drivers can access a cashless, mobile payment system by a few clicks in their app. There is no need for cash and you can pay instantly. You don’t have to worry about expired parking meters either. Parking companies such as PayByPhone sends text reminders when the meter is about to run out and an option to feed the meter instantly. The process streamlines the parking system for citizens, and makes it easier and more reliable

The technology is a great opportunity for the cities too. It is a reliable source of revenue and streamlines the parking system. The mobile system provides a great source of data to the city. Officials can understand how, when and where citizens are parking. Priority spaces can charge higher rates depending on parking density.

Cities could also use the new system to implement more environmentally friendly initiatives. Incentive programs can offer reduced parking for hybrid vehicles. The data overall could help cities rezone parking areas and alter rates for more efficient revenue.

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