Motivating Your Employees to Go Above & Beyond

Motivating Your Employees to Go Above & BeyondAs a small business owner, you rely on your employees. While finding the right people is the first step to creating the best infrastructure for your business, how do you keep them giving 110%? In this article, we’re going to explore how to keep your employees motivated and wanting to go above and beyond for you and your business. Even more importantly, make sure your business is backed by a NY Business Insurance policy.


If you want to create a positive employee experience, you’ve got to truly believe that employees matter in helping your business move forward and achieve its goals. From the employee’s point of view, this means providing clear direction about where the business is headed so your team understands how their jobs relate to the company’s overall goals. Business owners and managers also need to provide personal commitment and support for individuals and teams. Let your employees know you have their backs, explains Small Business Trends.

Positive environment.

Be the role model you want your employees to embody. Walk the walk, foster cooperation, and keep the lines of communication open to keep all of your employees on the same page.

Meaningful work.

Whatever type of business you run, your employees still want to feel recognized for their efforts and know that their work is meaningful. Provide incentives for your employees to work hard to grow professionally and give feedback regularly.


Allowing your employees to have a healthy work/life balance is key for motivating employees today. Respecting their free time is a must, as well as allowing them the freedom to do their jobs how they see fit. Remember, allowing flexibility promotes morale and productivity.

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