Middletown Business Insurance: Cyber Security Preparation

Middletown Business Insurance: Cyber Security Preparation

Middletown Business Insurance: Cyber Security PreparationIn addition to ensuring that you have Middletown business insurance coverage for your company, cyber security is a pressing need for businesses in the digital age. Recent events, such as the Target information breach, have only highlighted this more. A data breach can result in millions of dollars in damages or lawsuits. To help prepare your company for a potential cyber attack, here are some tips.

Establish safe online practices for employees

Have clear and defined rules in place for protecting personal information. Educate employees to not use public networks in order to transmit sensitive data or record them in unapproved locations. The same behavior applies for social media as employees must correctly post online according to the business’ standards. Divulging of special company projects or information should be done with discretion, if at all. This will manage your online presence and reduce cyber security risks to your business.

Back up data consistently and effectively

A cyber-attack can leave businesses crippled without the ability to access their data. This is why it is important to have crucial information like financial information, customer information, and vital business documents backed up regularly. Make sure that it is done at least weekly and stored in a different physical location so that you can access it should a crisis arise.

Plan what to do if an attack does occur

Create a contingency plan for your business to follow in the event of a cyber-attack. Having a business continuity or recovery plan in place will detail how your business will function should an interrupt of service from a cyber-attack occurs. Also, educate your employees on how to contact customers and what to tell them. Dealing with the public is pivotal if your business is to rebound from an attack.

Safeguarding your company from cyber threats is a challenge facing businesses on a daily basis. At The Rubin Group, we understand the nature of cyber threats and the role they play in your New York Risk Management efforts. We have experienced Middletown NY Business Insurance specialists ready to assess your needs and protect your company. Contact us for more information at (877) 806-7239.