Manhattan Professional Liability Risks for Freelance Workers

Manhattan Professional Liability Risks for Freelance Workers

Manhattan Professional Liability Risks for Freelance WorkersManhattan freelance workers and consultants often face a greater risk of exposure to legal complications, particularly because they specialize in service oriented work. Anytime a personal opinion is being offered or utilized for business purposes, the professional liability risks increases. Companies and individuals can be held accountable for any advice given, recommendations made, designs generated, physical care provided or representation preformed for a client.

Since freelance workers operate on a contracted basis, the proper documentation can protect your professional labors in the event that there are alleged miscommunications resulting in one or more parties not living up to the expectations of the other. Generating your own operational documentation can not only help legitimize your professional reputation but also help protect yourself, suggests the Small Business Administration (SBA). By explicitly stating your intentions, your execution plan and the expectations of all parties you can proactively defend your business’s credibility.

Here are three handy documents that you can utilize and tailor to your individual organization.

  • Proposal Documents and Cost Estimates– Many free templates are available that allow you to customize and create unique quote and proposal documentation. You can utilize these templates to lay out any legal and professional specifications, including assuming or negate certain initial responsibilities.
  • Contracts– While many employers may offer to draft a contract, you can also offer one into negotiation before an agreement. Contracts are often written to protect business interests, so the deal should be discussed for the mutual benefit of both parties. Drafting your own contract allows you to specify what responsibilities you are assuming and those which you deny. It also lets you specify ownership of any work produced or information generated. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is often included regulating the use and perpetuation of information and company data.
  • Statements of Work– Statements of Work are project-specific agreements outlining jointly agreed upon work to be performed and the timeframe for completion. You can utilize this document to be as explicit as possible when setting expectations, deliverables, and fees. By doing so you protect yourself from any disputes that could result in legal complications.

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