Manhattan Kitchen Remodel Trends of 2012

Manhattan Kitchen Remodel Trends of 2012Manhattan Kitchen Remodel Trends of 2012

As the economy is starting stabilize, condo owners are beginning to regain their confidence in investing in home renovations, especially in Manhattan. Kitchen remodels have always been on the top of the lists of “the most common” and “the most well worth the investment.” Trends change throughout the year in all industries and kitchens are not any different. From design to functionality, trends have changed this year. Essentially trends have shift to mixing “modern” and “traditional” and creating a more efficient kitchen space. Before you hire a contractor and start drawing renovation plans, check out a few kitchen remodel trends of 2012.


Less people are interested in cherry wood cabinets. According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA), designers and architects are inquiring more about walnut, birch, and bamboo. These lighter wood finishes will make the kitchen appear bigger, and in places like Manhattan, space is a virtue.

Other kitchen cabinet trends include variation in materials and new configurations for efficiency (bi-fold, sliding, and lifting up garage-door style).


Granite, quartz and marble are still very common, but many individuals are integrating these materials with wooden butcher block cutting surfaces. These kitchen countertop trends provide more efficiency for homeowners.


Color: Although stainless steel is still very common, designers are beginning to use brightly colored appliances in order to make a statement.

Cooktops: Induction (uses electromagnetism to pans directly) and gas stovetops are the most commonly used.

Ovens: Although it is expensive, families are investing in double ovens. The demand for efficiency and functionality includes an increased in the use of steam ovens and built-in broilers.

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