Manhattan Inland Marine Insurance Covers Off-site Property

Manhattan Inland Marine Insurance Covers Off-site Property Manhattan Inland Marine Insurance Covers Off-site Property

In the insurance industry, when we refer to business property insurance we are typically referring to a policy designed to protect the physical assets of your brick and mortar business location against structural damage, theft and vandalism that may occur on your business premises. But modern businesses are highly mobile and frequently interact with goods, products and supplies from all over the world. These in-transit business properties require special policies designed to cover a business’s expenses should something happen to these assets while off company premises.

Even business operations that are primarily service-based typically have mobile assets. Think about it. A cleaning service, for example, has vans full of products, supplies and expensive equipment that are transported to and from the primary business location on a daily basis. While those tools of the trade may be covered under a Manhattan business property insurance policy while stored on the business premises, should equipment break or fall victim to theft while in transit business property insurance may not apply.

One way businesses can protect their mobile assets is by securing the right Manhattan inland marine insurance coverage for their specific needs. While the shipping and cargo industry may have lent these policies their name, inland marine insurance offers coverage for a wide variety of transportable business properties. This can be a crucial coverage for business which ship products out from their premises those who are responsible for any materials that are being transported into your worksite. As previously mentioned, inland marine insurance is also highly applicable should an operation provide a service (such as cleaning or repairing) on property owned by a third party.

At the Rubin Group our New York brokers specialize in helping Manhattan businesses obtain comprehensive business insurance solutions that fit the specific needs of an operation. Our Manhattan inland marine insurance is designed to cover products in transit, those held over at interim shipping points or various other fixed locations, and other movable properties that are transported from one place to another. We also offer policies designed to protect data or documents being sent from one place to another or stored.  Insurance products vary in what they cover; if you’re considering New York business insurance, let us help you find just the right policy for your needs. Give our Manhattan inland marine specialists a call today at (877) 806-7239, to learn more about protecting your portable business properties.