Manhattan Business Insurance: Does an Exercise Ball Really Work?

Manhattan Business Insurance Does an Exercise Ball Really WorkManhattan Business Insurance: Does the Ball Really Work?

Sitting at a desk all day is awful for our health. It encourages bad posture, can cause neck and back pain, and is uncomfortable. People who spend over six hours a day sitting are at a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, regardless of health, age or weight. For most of the corporate working population, that is a serious issue. The average worker is at their desk for 7-8 hours a day. As a result, workplace advocates and health experts have been searching for tips, initiatives and products to ease the strain of sitting for so long. One of those is replacing an exercise ball with a chair. Proponents of the ball say it helps your posture, exercises your core as you are forced to balance, and reduce overall damage from sitting. However, the NY Times Well Blog says the benefits are inconclusive. In general, people slump just as much on a ball as they did in their chairs. Back pain wasn’t reduced, and overall, people only burned a marginal four extra calories an hour. Besides it being a fun diversion (and liability if you need to reach for something), overall, the Times found that the hype of the ball doesn’t have clear health benefits. But you can still break up your sitting time at the office with a few simple tips to keep active. Don’t sit during your lunch break. Make sure to use some of the time to squeeze in a quick workout. It can be as simple as taking a walk around the building, or doing some quick calisthenics outside on the grass. Grab a couple coworkers for some social bonding too. Not only will you burn some calories, you’ll return to work feeling refreshed and ready to finish out the day. Don’t save trips. If you need to grab something from accounting upstairs, get up from your desk and go. Don’t save all your tasks for one trips, but do it in several smaller ones as you need it to get up from your desk. Join the coffee break. Tag along with your coworkers when they go to the local coffee shop. It’s an easy way to break up the day, get some fresh air, and bond with your coworkers. Skip the elevator. Every little bit counts. Eliminate the elevators and make it a daily habit to take the stairs in your office. At the Rubin Group, our New York agents/brokers are trained specialists in all types of business insurance, both in New York and all across the nation. We have the expertise to understand your needs and can design a program that allows you to get the most for your Manhattan Business insurance dollar. Contact us today for more information about our Manhattan business insurance programs.