Insurance for Churches, Temples, and Other Religious Organizations

Insurance for Churches, Temples, and Other Religious OrganizationsInsurance for Temples, Churches, and Other Religious Organizations

Temples, churches, mosques, and other religious organizations are usually categorized separately from other businesses. However, they still need significant liability insurance coverage that is suited to their unique needs.

Religious organizations differ from traditional businesses in several key ways. They are typically governed by volunteers or ecclesiastical boards. Churches also typically make use of volunteers more than employees. Religious groups and organizations often sponsor nonprofits and allow outside groups to use their facilities. They often inherit icons, valuables, land, buildings, and other valuable property that is hard to replace and difficult to assign value to from an insurance perspective. Finally, religious organizations are also held to cannon law or certain specific religious doctrines and can encounter liability issues if they do not adhere to them.

The cost of not having insurance or insufficient coverage is severe. A lawsuit of any size or nature, even if not true, can cripple religious organizations with exorbitant legal fees. And being a member of the church can expose you to unique risks.

There is a growing shift in the United States towards smaller, independent churches and religious organizations. Since they aren’t attached to larger governing bodies, they typically don’t have access to the resources and discounted premiums available to larger organizations. This is why having a good agent is so important.

At the Rubin Group, our agents are extremely familiar with commercial insurance solutions, and know the unique risks and liabilities religious organizations face. We can help you get protection from everything from injury to members, unexpected property damage, and loss from a fundraiser or church sponsored event. Our experienced agents can help you find the best church insurance plan that fits the needs of your congregation. Contact us today for more information. (877) 806-7239