Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Is Your Business Hurricane ReadyAs a New York business owner, you undoubtedly wear many hats. On the day to day, you oversee various business developments and administrative responsibilities that keep your business thriving. In addition to these responsibilities, however,  you also have to anticipate the possibility of a catastrophe affecting your business. In light of this hurricane season, it is imperative that you secure your investment with a robust New York Business Insurance policy. Furthermore, protect your business by adhering to the following hurricane preparedness checklist.

Hurricane Checklist for Businesses

According to the International Hurricane Research Center, it’s crucial that you do the following:

  • Safeguard windows and glass doors with storm shutters or plywood so they’re not shattered by airborne debris.
  • Well before a hurricane forecast, have your roof inspected to make sure it can withstand hurricane-force winds.
  • If a storm is forecast, place sandbags in areas that could flood.
  • Remove valuables and important documents from the building when a storm is on the horizon.
  • Move electronics to higher elevations and place furniture on risers or cinder blocks in case the building floods.
  • Turn off utilities when you leave the building in advance of the hurricane.
  • Have a battery-operated radio or TV, three-day supply of water for each employee, nonperishable food, batteries, flashlights, fire extinguishers, tools, first-aid kits, etc. on site in case you and/or employees must shelter in place in your place business during a hurricane.

Living in a coastal state, it’s especially critical to take hurricane preparedness seriously. Do what you can to secure your business and take steps to minimize damage should a hurricane hit. Also, make sure your insurance is sufficient to protect you in the event that you do suffer storm damage. Contact us at The Rubin Group, 877.806.7239 for assistance.