Exotic Car Insurance: Exotic Car Rentals, Try Before You Buy!

So you are in the market for an exotic car and you are struggling to get an idea of what you want. Well here is our solution, RENT! Then buy!

Many exotic car owners first experienced their thrill ride in a rental, but the initial adrenaline rush starts to cloud your buying decision. With renting, you are able to fully see how it handles, feels, and how you look in it. Before you rent, do some research, don’t just turn to any rental car shop for Exotic Cars. New York supplies two of the finest exotic rental shops, Gotham Dream Cars & Xotic.

Gotham Dream Cars – (Englewood, NJ)

Named in 2008 as one of the fastest growing companies by the prestigious Inc. 500, Gotham Dream Rentals has yet to disappoint. Their fleet extends from Lamborghinis to Rolls Royce’s. Some cool features about their rental service, you start off with a full tank and if it’s empty when you return it, who cares! Gotham will fill it up for you just return it wherever the fuel line lies.

Gotham also allows for their unique services to be wrapped as a gift. So if you know that special someone who is thinking about buying an exotic car give them the keys to a rental first, it may change their mind in what direction they want to go.

Xotic Dream Cars– (New York)

Xotic Dream Cars has become a top rental performer by developing a strong loyalty to their name. From the classic muscle cars to new Bentleys, Xotic has it all. Specializing in customer satisfaction, Xotic will make sure once you receive your vehicle for rent that you will be happy.

For those prestigious people who don’t like to drive, but like to be driven. Xotic will provide you a butler by the hour.

Reasons to Rent Before You Buy
• See what you like, so you are able to shop around
• Compare makes and models with how it drives, rides, and feels.
• See if they have your desired color in stock
• Some colors tend to be harsh on the eye, but while eye-catching, it may become an eye soar that sits in front of your house.
• Do you really want an exotic car?
• As an exotic car owner, you don’t only get the psychical car, but all the baggage with it, such as premium gas or race fuel, getting stares on street, and the occasional mob who takes pictures next to your car as if it’s their own.

Those are some factors to keep in mind when in the market for exotic dream cars. Renting is most likely a wise choice before purchasing your dream car. Remember once you have chosen your dream car, get it registered, get it insured and remember who sent you there. The Rubin Group specializes in Exotic Car Insurance to almost all 50 States. Call us today for a quote. (877) 806-7239