Exotic Car Insurance: Beautiful, Fast, Foreign, and Green

Exotic Car Insurance Beautiful, Fast, Foreign, and GreenExotic Car Insurance: Beautiful, Fast, Foreign, and Green

The dramatic, fluctuating climate change and the government’s genuine acknowledgement of global started to raise awareness to the masses. Politicians have created “go green” proposals and most industries from manufacturing to clothing have re-evaluated their resources and the way they operate. However, while these industries followed the “go green” trend years ago, the exotic car industry did not start to utilize green technology into their vehicles. Initially, they found it futile to “go green” for three reasons; the first is that those who purchase cars over one hundred thousand dollars want performance, not better gas mileage, second is that high-end cars with green technology will still emit more carbon dioxide than conventional cars and third is that it would compromise the vehicle’s power to weight ratio. This post is provided by the Rubin Group New York Exotic Car Insurance.

Since then high-end automakers such as Ferrari and Porsche have changed their minds and have genuinely taken interest in plug-in hybrids and believe it is the future of exotic cars. After all there are several benefits aside from decreasing carbon dioxide emission. The market for green luxury vehicles have increased and high-end auto makers realized that in order to be a full high-end technology package they must adopt green technology. Although many of these cars are still conceptual, there are a few rumored to be available to the public in the next few years.

Ferrari F70 Hybrid Supercar

This vehicle is constructed by carbon fiber and a V12 engine. It is operated through a flywheel hybrid system also known as KERS. KERS utilizes the energy recovered from braking to spin a flywheel. This stored energy is put into the electric motors. The other features include:

  • Seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (high power traction motor)
  • 120 hp off KERS
  • 900 hp off the V12 engine
  • Curb weight of 2, 200 pounds
  • Auxiliary generator that charges the batteries
  • Smart cooling system

Tesla 2012 Model S sedan 

This vehicle is run by electricity produced. The batteries optimized for energy density and thermal management through its automotive-grade lithium-ion cells.

  • No tailpipe means no emissions.
  • Glass Panoramic roof (blocks 98% of visible light and 81% of heat)
  • Reduces drag (the door handles retract into the body)
  • Charge anywhere (240-volt outlet, 120-volt outlet, and any public stations)

2012 Fisker Karma

The manufacturers of this vehicle took three years to build this luxury electric car. The Fisker Karma doesn’t even consume petroleum for the first fifty miles.

  • 260 hp
  • 20-kWh lithium-ion battery pack
  • Brembro brakes
  • 22 inch cast aluminum wheels
  • 2 rear electric motors
  • Solar cell roof
  • Composite decklid
  • Plastic bumpers

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