Customer Engagement: How to Create & Maintain Customer Loyalty

Customer Engagement: How to Create & Maintain Customer LoyaltyWhether you sell a service or product, in construction or the restaurant business, you want to keep and maintain your client base. Customer loyalty is essential; below are some tips on how to grow and maintain customer love.

Make customers love your product. What is that ‘it’ factor that defines your company? This can be a service, a product, or even a mantra that your company stands for. Nordstrom is associated immediately with customer service. Apple is synonymous with streamlined design and user-friendly products.  Give your customers a reason to talk about your brand by defining what you stand for.

Customer Success Team. Designate at least one person to be responsible for customer success. The employee should help customers have the best experience possible, monitor for any signs of unhappiness, and should be the first to rectify and address any customer complaints. Customer success is the key to growth. Successful customers stay longer and increase your revenue.

Engage & Assess. Consumers are skeptical of almost all print and commercial ads they view. In the age of Yelp reviews and social media sharing, many consumers are more likely to purchase a good or service or check out a new restaurant if it is recommended by another consumer. Use social media to develop a dialogue with your customers that keeps them involved and informed. They’ll be more likely to recommend your services to others.

Learn from Mistakes. As a restaurant owner, there will be complaints from diners about the food or service. Own an auto repair shop? A customer will undoubtedly call back unhappy with the state of their car repair. As a contractor there will be unavoidable construction delays that will upset your client. Whatever the industry is, customer complaints are unavoidable. The key is to identify and mitigate any negative trends before they become an issue. By staying vigilant you can improve the experience for current and future customers.

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