Ocean Marine Solutions for Your Unique Exposures

Vessel owners face a large amount of risk, particularly as today’s cargo vessels are larger than ever before, making Ocean Marine insurance the linchpin of any solid insurance program for those transporting goods. Ocean Marine provides coverage for the vessel or hull of a ship; the cargo; the freight revenue to be received by the ship’s owner; and legal liability for any negligence by the shipper or the carrier.

A policy can be designed to provide protection against a wide range of causes-of-loss on a named-peril basis, including perils of the sea, such as collision, high waves, stranding; and other perils, such as damage or loss caused by pirates, jettison, fire, barratry, etc. You can also opt to have the policy provide protection against all risks, except the ones specifically excluded in the policy. Our professionals at The Rubin Group will go over how we can customize your policy to work in your best interest.