Cyber Liability Insurance for All Businesses

Hackers have stepped up their game over the last several years, targeting large, midsize and small companies with data breaches, phishing tactics and social engineering to trick employees into erroneously wire transferring money and hold a business’ computer network hostage until money is paid. Combine these exposures with employee negligence – lost laptops, mistakenly exposing private identity information and other acts – and the cyber landscape for today’s business is quite complex.

The bottom line: If your company transacts business, markets or communicates online or you store the personal or proprietary data of others on a computer system, you have cyber liability risks. The Rubin Group partners with leading insurers to offer cost-effective, customized Cyber Liability insurance solutions that respond to ever-evolving situations that can potentially compromise a company’s customer, patient and employee data, shut down an operation by infecting its network system, and harm a firm’s reputation.