Auto Insurance: 5 Cars Not to Drive!

Typically, exotic sport cars are not considered everyday vehicles. We tend to give up practicality for sleekness when it comes to exotic cars, which is why we resort to our second car. People have always been picky on the types of cars they drive. However, there are certain cars you should avoid. The cars on the list are notorious for having engine failure, bad safety standards, and a MPG rate of: Do I have a hole in my tank? So, we’ll purpose some alternatives to those makes and models.

Volkswagen Beetle – Famous for its innovated body design. The Volkswagen Beetle also known as a Volkswagen “Bug” has been reported for having climate control problems and power equipment failure. Both of these problems end up being very costly to the owner’s pocket. Don’t be fooled by its cute appeal and assume cute means safe and not expensive because in this case it doesn’t.

Good Alternative: Hyundai Elantra has held strong sales the past several years and they continue to grow. The company was issuing a 10-year or 100,000 mile warranty on their vehicles just to secure the customer that they stand behind their vehicles. J.D. Power gave the Elantra five circles, which is the maximum for reliability ratings. Consumer Reports ranked the vehicle as an above average used car.

Volkswagen Passat – Volkswagen with their second car on the list, the Passat has seen its fair share of problems as well. Problems have been reported in the electronics of the vehicle as well as problems with fueling, climate systems and the power equipment. Despite reviews from new Passat owners, overtime the car does not hold true to the performance that wheeled it off the lot.

Good Alternative: Ford Fusion has brought Ford back into the game. Finally producing a mid-size vehicle contender Ford’s Fusion won the reliability award in this year’s J.D. Power survey against the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Consumer Reports also claims to be much above average in their used car reports.

GMC Acadia – Despite constant improvements from recent model’s past, the Acadia continues to struggle and not produce ratings from Consumer Reports and J.D. Power Survey. Ranked on the lower portion of both statistical reports the Acadia seems to be fully equipped with problems. Complaints against the audio system as well as suspension have been most repetitive for the vehicle.

Good Alternative: Toyota 4 Runner has been praised by consumers as well as J.D. Power Survey with winning the reliability award and is considered a much better than average car by Consumer Reports. There have been no real problems associated with the vehicle making it a very dependable second vehicle for any owner. The biggest praise for the vehicle comes with the ability to excel in highway and off-road handling and performance.

Ford Expedition – SUVs have had a growing demand for them however the Ford Expedition has not been moving with the learning curve. The vehicle is considered one of the worst SUVs to purchase used according to Consumer Reports while J.D. Power survey gives it the lowest rating. Consumer complaints have come in targeting the audio system as well as a poor transmission.

Good Alternative: Toyota Sequoia should not be over looked when shopping for SUVs. Even though Toyota is known for producing small vehicles, the Sequoia deserves a second look. After J.D. Power Survey graded the vehicle 4 out of 5 circles and Consumer Reports claimed it to be a above average used vehicle, it is able to offer more. Consumers rave over the amount of leg room and comfort in the vehicle as well as how it comfortably handles on the road.

These are just suggestions if you are in the market for shopping for a secondary car. Not everyone needs to go through the hassle of having two impractical cars.