4 Easy Mistakes for New Homeowners Avoid

If you’ve recently purchased your first home, congratulations. First-time home ownership is undoubtedly rewarding, especially as it marks a huge life event and accomplishment. While you might be more excited about your décor and celebrations that are yet to come, new homeowners often make costly mistakes without realizing it. In this article, we’re going to outline some simple things to avoid so that your home ownership starts out on the right foot for 2018. Before reading on, review your NY Home Insurance policy to ensure you’re protected with adequate coverage limits.

Mistake #1: Drilling into walls without knowing what’s behind them.

Hanging shelves, closet systems, and artwork means drilling into your walls — but do you know what’s back there? Hidden inside your walls are plumbing pipes, ductwork, wires, and cables. Household wiring runs horizontally from outlet to outlet about 8 inches to 2 feet from the floor, so that’s a no-drill zone. Stay clear of vertical locations above and below wall switches — wiring runs along studs to reach switches, says House Logic.

You can avoid this nightmare by purchasing a $25 tool that checks for studs in the walls. It also detects variations in wall density which means there are likely outlets and plumbing in the walls. Rather than having to patch it up again, you can avoid it altogether.

Mistake #2: Not knowing where the water shutoff valve is.

This seems simple enough, but if you’re facing a leak or frozen pipes, the water shutoff valve will save the day. Get familiar with it and know how to operate it before an emergency happens.

Mistake #3: Not evaluating your drainage.

The ground around your foundation should slope away from your house at least 6 inches over 10 feet. Why? To make sure that water from rain and melting snow doesn’t soak the soil around your foundation walls, building up pressure that can cause leaks and crack your foundation which can lead to mega-expensive repairs, says the article. It’s also recommended that you check out your drainage gutters to make sure they point away from your home. Otherwise, you run the risk of flooding your home’s foundation over time- a fix that is extremely costly.

Mistake #4: Not having enough insulation.

Your home requires insulation to retain heat and cool air throughout the year. The wrong amount of insulation can lead to increased utility bills and plenty of wasted energy. Depending on your specific location, you should have approximately 10-14 inches of insulation.

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